December 31, 2017 By Calvin Tan Smart Investment

Dear Friends & Fellow Investors,

One year has swiftly passed. A New Year begins. What is in store for 2018? We don’t have a crystal ball. But we have Rock Solid Stocks backed by Real, Undervalue Assets. And so we look for Margin of Safety first and foremost. Only then we expect an upside.

These are the Stocks (overlooked, unloved and therefore very undervalue)

The Best Stocks to buy are Stocks with Deep Value Sold down in a time of weakness like now

Below are a list of Stocks which I think Value has emerged

  1. MUI BHD (Andrew Khoo is now in Charge as CEO)
  2.  BJ Corp (Just add on weakness)
  3.  MJ Perak (Proton City Boom)
  4.  MRCB (Already got EDL Toll privatised. HSR Award? More to come)
  5.  BPuri (Cheapest construction Stock)
  6.  MPHB Capital (Pengerang RAPID O& G downstream Boom
  7.  UEMS. Lands nearest Gerbang Nusajaya High Speed Rail Station & Interchange
  8.  DUTALAND. Very deep undervaluation
  9.  OPCOM. More than 5% dividend proposed. And possible cash pay out
  10.  PBA. High NTA. Pays a dividend. Recession proof monopoly
  11.  Others are Palm Oil Counters like CBIP, Kwantas, Harnlern, TDM, WTK, JTiasa, RSawit
  12.  Oversold counters like Media, Bonia, EIG, JCY, Whitehorse, Texchem & YTL Power

Good luck

Warmest Regards

Calvin Tan, Singapore

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