October 19, 2017 By Calvin Tan Smart Investment

During The Meiji Period of  Japan in The Late 19th Century to The Early 20th Century, there was an Imperial Edict to Seek Knowledge – “KNOWLEDGE SHALL BE SOUGHT THROUGHOUT THE WORLD SO AS TO STRENGTHEN THE FOUNDATIONS OF IMPERIAL RULE.

3,000 Foreign Experts called o-yatoi gaikokujin or “hired foreigners” were employed in japan to teach English, Science, Engineering, Army & Navy.

Ten of thousands of Japanese students were sent to Europe & America to study and gather the World’s Most Advance Knowledge of the time.

Mr. Toyota visited the FORD Factory in USA.  Henry Ford, Founder  of Ford Motor Company gladly showed young Toyota around, and told him all the details regarding the Manufacturing of The Motor Automobile.

Today, the Largest Company In Japan Is the TOYOTA MOTOR  CORPORATION .  By  Practical Knowledge or  “KNOW- HOW”  the Japanese have  Made Cars That Are Far Superior by their  “SHORT CUT” technology.

A French Renault  12tl  which I drove in the 70s require 4 keys. One separate key each for the door, one key to start the car,  one key for the car petrol cap and one key for the car booth. For the Japanese Datsun – ONE KEY OPENS ALL!

During the early 60s & 70s Malaysia Roads were filled with FORD, FIAT & ALFA ROMEOS. By the turn of the 20th Century you don’t see much Alfa Romeo Or Fiat Cars on Malaysian Roads. You still see FORD Cars – but they Are Japanese Designed Ones.

Car mechanics have a hard time repairing Alfa Romeo, Fiat & Ford from Europe of those days. While the Datsun 120y & 130y series were some of the easiest cars to repair. And on the roads of those days you often come across burnt out cars like Fiat, Ford & Alfas. Why? They often  placed the Car Carburetor  above the Car Starter motor.

So when  petrol leaks from the Carburetor above,  the Starter easily catch fire – the usual cause for burnt out cars.  They have special names for each troublesome cars. FORD is called “Full Of Repairs Daily”. FIAT stands for “Fiat Is A Trouble” or “Fiat Is Always Trouble” and for Alfa Romeo there is a Chinese phrase called  “ALFA LOR MEIN” translated it means “ALFA TAKES MY LIFE AWAY”!

Not only that, Japanese Cars are easy to start, even if you have left it idle for a week. Not so for the European Makes. They don’t start after 2 or 3 days. That’s why Japanese Cars, Bikes, Lorries, Vans have overtaken the world by storm.

With The Improvement of Technology the Quality of Life is enhanced for Everyone. Think of the 80s when the First Mobile Phones set were sold in Malaysia. Very few can afford to own them. And they are  Huge & Also Heavy – some weigh up to  3 kg! Each set has a price tag of RM12,000 to RM14,000! Today almost everyone can afford one including the garbage collector.  It costs as low as rm50 for a hand phone. And they are slim and lightweight. You can put it into your purse or pocket.



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