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October 25, 2017 By Calvin Tan Smart Investment

There is a lot of information written about the motivation of success, but there is very little about understanding the mechanics of wealth. Understanding the mechanics of things is very important, because it gives you workability in actually creating what you want. The mechanics of a thing is the way by which the different parts of it function. When you know how things work and how to work with them, you can turn the ideal into the real. Wealth has mechanics that must be understood for it to be worked with.

The difference between the rich people and the common people is in their understanding of the mechanics of wealth. Rich people possess greater understanding of how to create wealth, therefore they can create more of it than everyone else. This understanding is also known as wisdom. It is better to get wisdom than to get gold. That is because those who have wisdom can get the gold, whereas those who have gold without wisdom will lose the gold. The rich and the poor differ in their wisdom about gold.

There is one critical word which is the key that unlocks the door to personal prosperity, self-esteem and happiness in work or business. The word which leads to all wealth is exchange. Why should money come to you unless you have given something in return for it? The wealth that someone has is simply a reflection of how much perceived value he has given to others in exchange for financial compensation. This lack of understanding about how money behaves is what forever separates the poor from the rich.

You have to give something in order to get. You cannot get rich by dreaming or thinking positive thoughts alone. You can only succeed if you have something to give, and in return you will naturally receive all the wealth you can handle. You can’t get more out of the system than you actually put in. It’s as simple as that. How much money you make depends on the system you have created to bring in the money. The system itself is a business and the bigger your business becomes, the more money made.

Other than counterfeiters, only governments make money. The treasury prints the stuff and then declares it valuable. Nobody “makes money.” You trade for it. You earn it. The true nature of money is that it is created to facilitate the exchange of value among human beings. Value is also something that depends on perception. Therefore it is not necessary true value but perceived value. The more perceived value someone is able to transfer to others in exchange for money, the more money they end up making.

In earning a living, dealing with others and sharing relationships, we are all responsible for doing or making something which we can call a “product.” Business is all about selling products. That is where all the money comes in. Without the sale of products, there is no business. It is the sale of products where the money comes in to pay all the workers in the company whether they are in administration, manufacturing, research or management. Every role in the company is redundant without the actual sales.

The product need not be a thing. We can carry out a service. But there is still a “something” at the end of it. A gardener may serve with knowledge and skill of horticulture (plants and crops). What he does can be called “gardening.” But his product would be stated slightly differently. His product might be flourishing healthy plants in an attractive fertile garden setting. The difference is in the way the product being sold is packaged and presented. Different products result in an exchange of value somehow.

Society has become too complex for us to do everything we need to do for ourselves. So we each specialize and do what we are good at. This is also called the division of labor. By working together on a project, we can achieve many times the success of a single individual working alone. Cooperation is the key to success. What we each produce is our contribution to making all this work, by which we earn our place in society. The specialized work does nothing except by the overall product that is created.

If you want to get rich you just have to work out a way to leverage the system, so that you move your product faster. For real wealth you need a good product, that people consider valuable, and you need to figure out how to move lots of that product into the hands of customers. All these requires the ability to create a good product, knowing how to present it in a way that makes people buy, and finding the ways to promote it as successfully as possible. That is why entrepreneurship is the key to super wealth.

The mechanics of wealth are not mentioned in many places that talk about prosperity. You’d think the magic of getting rich was just drawing it in. “Attraction”. Just hold out your hand. It’s nonsense. You can’t “attract” wealth alone. You have to give something. Why should the wealth of the world enter into your hands unless you have first set up a system that enables you to draw it in exchange for something that you offer? Even Joseph had stored up food for Egypt in order to sell it to others in famine time.

Only by serving the needs of others and listening to their wants, can you create true success and real wealth. Serving doesn’t mean you go and work for free. It does mean you work on other peoples’ needs, not just your own. We all serve by giving other people something that they want in exchange for something that we want. Nobody who is smart would do something without getting what they want, whether it is fulfillment, happiness or money. You must direct energy out in order to bring you what you want.

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Regards, Calvin Tan

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