TalamT = Talam Trash Transforms to Talam Treasure by Tanjung Malim’s Proton City Boom (Calvin Tan )

July 1, 2017 By Calvin Tan Smart Investment

Hi guys,

At long last GEELY JV with PROTON is a Done Deal. Next we will witness the wheel of industries converging at Proton City in Tanjung Malim.

A Mass Movement Of PROTON Vendors with ten of thousands of Proton Staff will now Transform Tanjung Malim into a Thriving Town.

There will be a surge in demand for houses, shops & factories.

Calvin has already stated 5 Main Stocks that will directly & indirectly benefit from this Coming Boom:

1) DRB as its lands in Glenmarie & Shah Alam will see its land value unlocked.

2) Maju Perak with its 230.44 Acres of Building lands adjacent to PROTON CITY. As of now Mj Perak already up 33% from 32.5 sen to 43.5 sen. Not bad for a start.

3) Bina Puri’s LATTAR EXPRESSWAY will see increasing traffic in coming days, months, years & decades.

4) Bj Corp will see better prices for its 3,200 acres of Building Lands in Bestari Jaya at the other end of the LATTAR EXPRESSWAY.

5) And Talam Transform will finally transform from TRASH to TREASURE – all by this WIND OF FORTUNEbrougt by GEELY Jv with PROTON in the multi year expansion of PROTON CITY.

And more so as TalamT has gone through a dry spell as its latest Quarterly Report stated these revealing facts:


(b) Segmental Results Commentary:

(i) Property Development Division For the current quarter

The division recorded a revenue of RM2.61 million, a 26.27% decrease from the RM3.54 million generated during last year’s corresponding quarter. The result is mainly due to lower sales of development lands. The division’s pre-tax loss was RM4.01 million compared to RM9.02 million for the same


So this was the problem. Read again:

The division recorded a revenue of RM2.61 million, a 26.27% decrease from the RM3.54 million generated during last year’s corresponding quarter. The result is mainly due to lower sales of development lands


Aha!  The solution to the problem is now in sight.

The Boom in PROTON CITY with 60,000 Proton Staff & others will cause Boom in Tanjung Malim & then it will spill over to Bandar Bukit Beruntung, which TalamT has lots & lots of Development Lands ready for sale – anytime now.


See how near is Bkt Beruntung to Tg Malim:


And the following map shows Distance from Tg Malim to Bkt Beruntung at 35 km which only takes 27 min drive by car through the North south higheway.

Map from Tanjong Malim, Perak, Malaysia to Bukit Beruntung, Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia


When Pengerang’s RAPID was launched an influx of 70,000 skilled & semi skilled workers congregate there – leading to a Boom that people of Sungai Renggit & Bandar Penawar have never seen before.

Rental properties surged 4 fold in Sungai Renggit while those of Desaru’s Bandar Penawar (about 30 minutes drive away) doubled in prices! Land Prices Skyrocketed in these once sleepy fishing villages.

Seeing the Future Boom Johor Corp took KULIM Private at the generous offer to take KULIM private from Rm2.50 to Rm4.10 (a windfall of 60% to all happy Kulim shareholders).

Ha! Kulim’s plantation lands in Tg Belunkur & another piece near Bandar Penawar are now planned for conversion to Thriving Townships.

So you can expect a Coming Boom for all of Tg Malim & also Bandar Bkt Beruntung.

Of course many ignorant people and stale bulls of TalamT are still in the dark about this Golden Opportunity.

And they being ignoranty are stupidly throwing their TalamT shares. If only they can “SEE” few years down the road.

Years back, Mr. Friend Mr. Chia from Klang bought 5 acres of Prime Lands in Sepang for Rm25,000 (in the late 80s) when he “heard” that Subang Airport will be relocated to Sepang one future date.

He bought 5 acres of Prime Lands (in those days these were of little use except for agriculture in Sepang) in Sepang for Rm125,000 or Rm25,000 per acre.

Just few years back Mr. Chia is a tycoon driving high High Performing BMW & visited me in Singapore for a holiday. It was his very wise and early bird investment into those Sepang lands in early days.

Early days?


At 4 sen closing price today buying into TalamT is just like buying those Sepang Lands at Rm25,000 an acre.

Better wake up early tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow, when Market opens just grab some TalamT shares which “others” are still ignorant & uncertain.


Yours to Another Great Value Buy,

Value Buy?

Mr. Chan the Founding Boss of TalamT thought so. He just bought tonnes of TalamT shares at 8 sen recently.

Last Price Today’s Change   Day’s Range   Trading Volume
0.04 0.00 (0.00%)  0.04 – 0.045  1,377,700

Insider – Director

From here you can SEE that Insiders are loading up and holding fast their deeply undervalue TalamT shares.

Conversely, you can also see Insiders are throwing like no tomorrow when sorchai chased grossly overvalued shares  up the sky. Example is Anzo & quite a number of other fools’ stocks bidded up by Greater & Greatest Fools.




Calvin Tan,


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