September 23, 2019 By Calvin Tan Smart Investment


  1. SCOMIES (7045) Price 12 sen. …………….Target price 30 sen

Reasons for buying.  Scomies Drilling Oil contract with Kuwait Rm610 Millions. 2 JV with PetChem. Very undervalue assets. Its drilling oil made from parm kernel oil is biodegradable and can be discharged into oceans safely.  Captured 10% of world wide market. Saudi oil attacks will enhance drilling for oil as safeguard. Increasing oil rigs mean good business for Scomies

Last quarter was positive but only negated by Rm72 mil in impairments. If not it has Rm38.8 millions profits.

CEO of Scomies bought 1.8 mil shares of Scomies show better days ahead.

After Carimin, Dayang & Penergy = SCOMIES will be the Last Bull Laggard of O&G Bull run

  • OPCOM (0035) Price 73 sen…….Target price Rm1.50

Best of the lot in Fiberisation. In year Opcom received Rm359 mil orders from TELEKOM which resulted in 34 sen special dividends for years 2011/12

Now Rm21.6 BILLIONS For National Fiberisation will be a Huge Bonanza for Opcom.  Rumour has it that Mukhriz sold his Opcom shares to proxies.

Opcom expected to do very well from year 2020 onward. In anticipation Opcom Company on Sept 6th has appointed 2 CEOs (instead of usual One CEO) due to extreme bullishness

  • NETX (0020) Price 1.5 sen …………Target price 8 sen

Another potential beneficiary of Fiberisation. Netx raise funds through Private Placement as high as 4 sen to avoid debt. Good. It has Rm34 mil in Cash or about 1,3 sen. Already got job contract with TELEKOM. TELEKOM expected to get 50% market share of the Rm21.6 Billions Fiberisation Program

Insiders have recently loaded up another 34 mil Netx shares from open market.

Also into fintech which is the future in banking


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Pls buy/sell after doing your own due diligence

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