RCECAPITAL – The Legalized Ah Long (On this day of 3rd February, 2017) it finally crossed Rm1.50 for a 100% Upside!

February 3, 2017 By Calvin Tan Smart Investment

Dear Friends who visit here,

RceCapital closed with  100% gain today from our Buy Call of its all time low near 70 cts!


That makes it Stock No. 12th to hit 100% to 200% mark since the last 3 years in www.i3investor.com

These are the stocks that hit bull’s eye after bull’s eye


  1. Super Enterprize. Call to buy at Rm1.25. Taken private at Rm3.75 (Up 200)
  2.  SILK. Call to buy at 40 cts. Silk jumped to Rm1.20 (Up 200%)
  3.  Pohuat (Power huat) Powered from Rm1.25 to Rm3.80 & split (Up 200%)
  4.  Jaks. Jaks jumped, Jumped & JUMPED To Cross Rm1.20 (Up 200%)
  5.  Supermax at Rm1.60. It crossed Rm3.20 for a 100% gain
  6.  Ajiya (A jumping Ya!) Ajiya jumped from Rm2.15 to over Rm4.30 and split (Up 100%)
  7.  Jerasia. Up from 45 cts to 90 cts for a 100% profit.
  8.  MyEG (My Emas Gold) Powered from Rm2.00 to Rm4.00 & split (Up a nice 100%)
  9.  Pm Corp (Up from 15 cts to 30 cts thrice in 3 years) Up more than 100%
  10.  Ipmuda (Limit up from 70 cts to over Rm1.50) More than 100% upside.
  11.  Prestar of Pre Star – buy it before it turns into a Star at 46 cts. It jumped past Rm1.00 for over 100% gain



12. RceCapital (Call to buy around 75 cts. It crossed Rm1.50 finally) Up a nice 100%

And these 4 stocks taken private:


  1. Super Enterprize. Buy call Rm1.25. Taken private at Rm3.80 for a 200% gain!
  2.  Kulim. Buy call at Rm2.50. Taken private by JCorp at Rm4.10 for a nice 60% windfall
  3.  TMakmur (Land of prosperity). Buy call Rm1.38. Being taken private by Sultan Pahang at Rm1.80 (Up 38%)
  4.  TheSTORE. Buy call at Rm2.50. Being taken private soon for 50% upside.

Many happy returns



Calvin Tan Research

The Deep Value Contrarian Investor that follows Walter Schloss’ School of Buying into Deep Discount to Book Value Stocks

Hip Hip Hooray!!

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