PALM OIL – The Investment That Separates Billionaires from Millionaires!

May 20, 2017 By Calvin Tan Smart Investment

The year was 1996. The Asian Stock Markets  Were in the Hottest Euphoria. Amost every one was enjoying increasing profits. Many have resigned from their jobs to do full time trading in the stock market. Stock market tips and conversations were the order of the day. Everywhere in offices, homes, coffee shops, markets, eating places people talked only about the next “Limit Up” stocks.

In every trading Hall or Room there is no available seats. In RHB Bank HQ there isn’t even standing room. Cramped, jammed and packed with traders and specualtors from all walks of life. It Was The GoGo Years Before The Asian Financial Crisis!

One man stood out. Peter Lim of Singapore. He sold all his shares near the very peak and bought into just one counter – WILMAR the Plantation Stock.

On hindsight it was an uncanny but very accurate move. Next year in July 2nd 1997 George Soros attacked the Thai bath. The Thai bath collapsed and then contagion spread to Malaysia, Singapore, Hk, Korea, Indonesia – One by One Their Stock Markets Collapsed like tent pins.

At the height KLSE was 1332 and at the bottom it was only 262 points – A Crash of 81%

Nobody fully invested could have escaped such a carnage. It was a disaster for many. Tens of thousands went bankrupt.  Many Banks & Financial Institutions were insolvent. Before the Asian Financial Crisis there were 49 Banks and Credit Companies in Malaysia. With  the devastating carnage less than 10 Banks now standing. The rest became history.

Tycoon Peter Lim  invested $10 millions into Wilmar – the plantation stock owned by Robert Kuok.

How come Peter was so “chun chun”?  All $10 millions into one single stock. And he was right on target. Four years later in 2,000 Peter Lim “THE REMISIER KING” of Singapore sold his Wilmar shares for a cool $1.5 Billions!

So plantation stock investment if timed well can make you a billionaire!

As for Robert Kuok he became the Richest  Man No. One in All of Malaysia with over Rm40 Billions.

Ha! Are we now entering another phase of market doom? Maybe yes or maybe no.

But This Is For Sure:



Let’s SEE if Plantation Stocks will create more millionaires and billionaires this round.



Calvin Tan

Additional comments:

The above article was first published in i3 investors forum on January 2016

This coming week KLSE will annouce spectacular results for all oil palm stocks:

These are the Top 10 Palm Oil stocks to buy:

  1. KWANTAS. High NTA. Good EPS.
  2.  CIBP – Fully Auto Modipalm
  3.  TDM. Defensive with both Oil Palms & hospitals
  4.  RSawit. Pure Oil Palm player.
  5.  Harnlern. Assets of High Value in Johor & Oil Palms
  6.  MHC Plant. Assets of high value in Perak & Oil Palms
  7.  ThPlant. Pure Oil Palm play
  8.  BPlant. Very good dividend.
  9.  Dutaland. High NTA. Almost debt free
  10.  Sarawak Plantation. Selling at multiyear low.


A rising tide lifts all boats so all plantation stocks will rise in tandem. Just buy while cheap.

Happy investing.

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