PALM OIL STOCKS: THE SUPERSTARS OF YEAR 2022 (Forget all others. Just pile into Palm oil Full Force)

January 8, 2022 By Calvin Tan Smart Investment

Dear Investors & Friends,


Now it is very clear as crystal year 2022 will see Palm Oil Stocks going into a most powerful earnings season like never before in all its history

And these are our reasons

  1. Palm oil, Canola oil & Soybean oil are all at very high elevated prices till September 2022

The Results of all Palm Oil Companies will be reporting its most fantastic results for

February 2022 (Results of Oct., Nov., & Dec. 2021 CPO averaged above Rm5,100 a ton)

May 2022 (Results will be excellent)

August 2022 (Results will be excellent)

November 2022 (Results will be excellent) Nov. results include July to Sept 2022 and only in Sept. 2021 we will know how Canola crop fared in Canada (So February 2023 results will depend on how much Canola oil is available then)

For all of Jan to Sept 2022 there will be a HUGE SHORTFALL of Canola oil as Canada 2021 Canola crops wiped out by drought.

As of now Canola oil is up 60% to over USD1,040 from its world record of Usd600

By the same yardstick Cpo if priced to canola oil should also be up 60% from its last world record price of Rm4,000

So Rm4,000 X 1.6%

= Rm6,400

Will Cpo price rise to Rm6,400?

That will be the Super of Super Bull!!!

What if Canola crop fail again by Sept 2022?

The unthinkable might happen.

World famine like in Biblical Time where Joseph sold grain for life

Whole of Egypt & the Surrounding Nations lost their entire life savings, their assets, their houses & lands & finally they sold themselves into slavery for food grain after 7 years of drought

And what about Soybean & Corn?

Right now in Brazil there is too much rain impacting harvest & in Argentina dry weather impede growth

In Malaysia a 100 year flood event hit the country

All these are terrifying times when Jesus said

And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences(coronavirus); and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.”(Luke 21:11)


2. The 2nd Reason why Palm oil prices must be high is due to Renewable Energy pivoting from fossil fuel to biofuel.

More canola, soybean & palm oil will be converted into biofuel for energy due to the need for climate change.

Firing the first salvo is Phillips 66 converting Its Fossil Refinery to Biodisel Refinery in USA with a first production of 800,000 gallons of Biodisel. Eventually Fossil fuel will be phased out & Renewable Energy takes its place


3. While population of the world is ever increasing farmlands are limited. And Bplant just sold palm oil lands to YtlPower for conversion into Solar Farm.

In North Kalimantan TSH RESOURCES is selling Palm oil lands to Kalimantan Industrial Park as Indonesia plans to stop exporting raw palm oil. A Huge Giganic Green Industrial Park will be built to make Cooking oil, biofuel,  soap, toothpaste, washing detergent for clothes,  shampoo, infant formula, pet food, hair dye, lip stick & thousands of other products which are made from palm oil

Malaysia will then takeover from Indonesia to be the Number One World Exporter of Palm Oil


4. What about Other Analysts talking down about Palm oil due to ESG concern?

That is the BIGGEST LIE Concocted. Palm oil needs only 1/7 of land used for Soybean or Canola and produce 10 times more oil. Palm oil Esg was a Big Lie invented by European Rapeseed/Canola growers as a form of Trade Protection since they can never ever compete against the versatile Palm oil

Moreover, the Major Consumers of Palm oil are India (1.35 BILIONS), China (1.4 BILLION CONSUMERS OF PALM OIL) Plus Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Turkey, The Middle Eastern Countries & Many Others.

And Palm oil cheaper by 30% to 80% has no cheaper alternative. It has a moat against all other Vege oil in economy of land use, highest yield per acre & lowest of cost & man power.

So for a very long time more Palm oil will endure – as long as the Sun rises & the moon shines


Kindest Regards

Calvin Tan


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Note: After Fantastic Earnings (prolonged) will come Higher Dividends, Special Dividends, Free Bonus, Free Warrants (Or a combination of all 4 to reward share holders)

And Outright Takeover like KLK taking IjmPlant private





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