January 25, 2016 By Calvin Tan Smart Investment

Behind every Share is a Business selling Goods or Providing Services.

And as the name MphbCap implies. It is a Capital  of  Many Precious Hidden Businesses.

Many Precious Businesses.

  1. It has Insurance Company called MPI.
  2. It is a Credit Company. Lending Money to Other entities for interest.
  3.  It has CASH. Lots of it. Almost Rm1.00 per share.
  4.  It has 2 Flamimgo Hotels located in Prime Highly Desirable Locations.
  5.  It has 1,800 Acres of Matured Oil Palm Plantations beside Pengerang’s RAPID.
  6.  It has Prime Lands in Penang Island – “The Pearl of the Far East”‘ for tourism.
  7.  It has lands in KL Golden Triangle, Gombak & Rawang.
  8.  The Combined Net Net Value of All Its Assets is a Solid  Rm7.00 or more per share!
  9. In a word – ” MphbCapital” – The Sum Total of Its CAPITAL VALUE is Much Much More  Than The Price You Are Paying For It. With a TOTAL NET NET Of Over Rm7.00 You Are Actually Buying It at a Whopping 80% Discount at only Rm1.42 a Share! The idea of paying only 20 cents for A Dollar Worth of Shares Overwhelms Me!

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