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The XYZ Doohickey Company was founded in 1971, and has been providing quality doohickeys to the public ever since. Located in Gotham City, XYZ employs over 2,000 people and does all kinds of awesome things for the Gotham community.

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    1. Janie,

      I look for stocks selling at least 30% below NTA. Then I look to see their next few year prospects. And wait for time to unlock value. I like laggard stocks that haven’t moved yet.

      1. Hi Calvin Tan

        I like your style of writing and you have many proven record just like the case of JAKS in 2014 you made call and today it has risen more than 255%.

        It seem hard to get hold on you for private message.

        I want to learns more from you and I have something to shares too.

        If you may can we be connected.

        My details is as follow . Hope to be in contact with you.

  2. One last question is market capitalization. Do we need to take in market capitalization when we pick a stock? Example, Jaya Tiasa versus Focus Lumber. (Jaya Tiasa ‘s market capitalization is much much higher than Focus Lumber)

    Sorry that i have so many questions to ask, I am a newcomer in investment and looking for a coach to guide me in accumulating my child education fund and pension fund.

    1. Esther Yong,

      Thanks for visiting my blog.

      I am in Iskandar now. I’ll try to answer your questions when I am back in Spore over the weekend.


      Regards, Calvin

      1. Calvin, thank you for taking your time to reply us. I have not read the book and will do it so. Thank you for recommending the book. In fact, I still have many questions to ask. Do not you have time to teach?

  3. Hi, Calvin…

    Thank you for sparing your time with us!
    GOD blesses you willingness to teach us here!

    1) Can teach me how to calculate the Intrinsic Value for Jaya Tiasa?

    2) There are how many types of method to choose a stock? Some look at P.E, some look at Asset and how many others types are there?

    3) How to search all the relevant information of a stock pick? When i read i3 investors comments, some of them are really great, they really know where to get the relevant information.

    Once again, GOD blesses you in this industry and hope through this area, you can shine for HIM for HIS Kingdom!

  4. Today you mentioned your Top 30 Picks for 2016 in NTPM thread. Can I have the list of 30 stocks? So far I have your 10 Picks for 2016 and NTPM.
    I am following your Picks because your Picks have fundamental values.

    May 2016 bring us Calvintaneng followers much success.

    Thank you.

  5. Hi, i am lambor, so happy to visit your page. I am learning FA now, can i have your email. Hope can ask you ssome question .

    Thank you so much!

        1. Yes, Iskandar is a big metropolis with great potential. I SEE its transformation for the last 12 exciting years.
          I also witnessed the Growth of Singapore from 1980 to 1990 when Singapore was the fastest growing nation on earth for that decade.

          Iskandar will grow just like Singapore.

          You can visit my blog at and SEE its progress from strength to strength.

          Also today is Sunday. Do visit

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    1. I and a group of investors have bought into Iskandar properties by Johor High Court Auctions. I am managing these properties. This is my main job. Share Investment is only a hobby. As of now I am only less than 3% invested in the Share Market.

  6. Hi Calvin,

    I have just started doing investment by using value investing method. I really admire your articles. It makes sense. Dutaland and Nylex worth to invest? I look at the numbers. Worth investing coz the shares are cheap.

    1. Syah,

      Some companies do not revalue their lands according to the latest current market value because they have to pay valuation fees. And also unnecessary hassle. However, when a company decides to dispose a property they will have to get a valuer to determine its current value. Also last time I had the experience from owning Oka shares. Oka used to give 3 cents dividend from profits generated yearly. However, one down year when business was poor, Oka revalued its property and booked them as profits. By so doing Oka managed to give out 3 cents profit as usual.

  7. may i ask you about SAM? How do you think this company? what is mean for eliminations in last quarterly result at item No.10 ,operating segments? I would like find some stock hold for long term, any stock recommend?

  8. hi calvin
    Sure u got read a new that our EPF plan directly exposure to old palm plantation . Do u think ur selection Dutaland n pinepac will be target since both of them selling below NTA


    1. Lai

      Both Pinepac & Dutaland are selling at deep discount to NTA

      For Dutaland these are the positive factors:
      1) Duta Yap has been accumulating
      2) Company almost debt free
      3) Cash proceeds from disposal of Kenny Hill lands (Rm28 mil) will go to construction cost of Grand Duta Hotel
      4) Above all next 2 quarter results will be boosted by high CPO prices

      So I think anything below 50 sen Dutaland is a buy.

        1. Today Dutaland has corrected in price due to negative result this quarter. Next quarter result will include the Rm28 mil cash windfall from Kenny Hill land disposal. It should be at least 3.33 sen profit.
          So try to get dutaland shares on weakness. Good luck

  9. Hi Calvin,
    I have been following your blog recently, i am interested to be your subscriber for a ” small fee” ( so said by you )
    I look forward to your reply.
    Thank you.
    Fiona Wong
    012 377 2673

    1. Thank you Fiona for your interest.

      Calvin just share his views on investment from time to time.

      I do not charge any fees for now.

      Please study & invest carefully.

      Best regards.

      See my next post on L&G (Land & General) coming up soon

  10. Hi Calvin…

    Just to ask your opinion about KUB… they are expanding their palm oil land…

    is it worth to buy and keep?

    thank you…

    1. Good morning Joe,

      KUB once had JV with Masteel in Iskandar for a rail project. But it was called off. I bought into Masteel & taken profit already. For KUB if they can revive the A&W Root Beer/Burger there might be some interest. For now Bj Corp looks undervalue

  11. Dear Calvin Tan,

    First of all, appreciate the insightful investment articles that you’ve written over the years. Keep up the great work!

    Are you currently following EKSONS (9016)? FYI, this company has businesses in plywood manufacturing (i.e. a potential gainer from the plywood production for construction of new Tokyo Olympic stadium ‘’) and property development (i.e. focused development in the matured Seri Kembangan area, Selangor ‘’). The company has mills located at East Malaysia (i.e. near sources of timber supply at Sibu & Tawau ‘’).

    Current price is at RM0.93 (21 August 2017) vs NTA of RM2.89 (approx. 3 times). Also, noticed that Mr. Lim Pei Tiam (i.e. one of the 30 largest shareholders) has increased his shareholding from 1,006,200 shares / 0.61% (as of 30 June 2016) to 3,364,700 / 2.05% (as of 5 July 2017).

    Appreciate your thoughts in the potential of this company, should you be interested. Thanks in advance.

    1. Good morning Alex,

      I once bought into Ekson at 90 sen and sold for a small profit many years ago. The Atmosphere Shops in South of KL were selling well then. I think Ekson has high NTA and worth keeping longer term. For now I think Bj Corp has some movements. Regards

  12. Dear Mr. CALVIN Tan

    Tqvm for all the wonderful research that you have done for many stocks. I am a very small investor with very limited cash. However i took your advice on DRB. It is a great stock and I concur with your opinion because it is a real gem.

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  14. Hi Calvin,
    I am KIM and I am a newbie in town. I will keen to learn the technique to invest in the stock market and I have come across your profit and read several comments in the Can you be my mentor and provide training for me? Thanks much

    1. Welcome Kim
      Thank you for your interest
      Please whatsapp me at 0193384010

      I don’t have the time to provide training but I am able to give brief answers whenever possible

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