CBIP – The World Champion Company from Malaysia after Top Glove (Calvin Tan Research)

May 27, 2017 By Calvin Tan Smart Investment

Hi guys,

Just as Top Glove is the World Champion for Rubber Latex Gloves CBIP is the World Champion for Palm Oil Extractor.

Why Top Glove a World Champion in Rubber Glove and not Japan, Germany or USA?

The answer is this:

Rubber trees do not grow in Japan, Germany or USA. And Top Gloves need lots of fresh latex for glove making.

So is CBIP. CBIP is involved with Palm Oil extracting. And Oil Palms are not grown in Japan, Germany or USA in commercial quantities.

2 Biggest Palm Oil exporters are Malaysia & Indonesia. That’s why CBIP has an edge.

CBIP is even better than Top Glove as Top Glove has competitors like Kossan, Hartalega & Supermax in Malaysia & other companies in Thailand. CBIP is a total monopoly except for Dolphin which is a far inferior company. You can give an “A” for CBIP while giving a “C” for Dolphin. Now with Fully Automatic Modipalm launched this year in 2017 CBIP has moved up higher in the Value Chain.

Among CBIP’s Top 30 Share holders is FGV. Refer to Annual Report

Coming in at 12th Place is Koperasi Permodalan Felda Malaysia Berhad  with  8.88 million shares of CBIP

So important & efficient is MODIPALM by CBIP that Felda also invest heavily into CBIP shares.

And even the Malaysian Govt think CBIP is a Great Malaysia Home Grown Brand that needs its protection.

So Govt’s VALUE CAP also invest in CBIP

Coming in at 16. place is  Citigroup Nominees (Tempatan) Sdn Bhd Kumpulan Wang Persaraan (Diperbadankan) (I-VCAP)  with 6,472,000 shares (that is 6.47 million CBIP Shares.

So CBIP is a World Class Malaysian Brand just like Old Town Coffee.

Both CBIP, Old Town Coffee & Nestle are in similar industries because they all deal with Palm Oil.

Old Town Coffee & Nestle deal with Palm Oil?


When you walk into any Giant, Tesco, Mydin or AEON supermarket you will

See a Sea of Green in Milo

A Sea of Yellow in Maggie mee

And A Sea of Red in Kit Kats

Do you know that Milo has lots of Palm Oil in it? So is Maggi mee. And even more Palm Oil & Palm kernal Fat in every bar of kit kat chocolates! Go read their labels and SEE. Or look up Nestle’s Annual Report And SEE the increasing use of Palm oil year after increasing year by Nestle.

So the more Nestle sells the more Palm Oil is needed. And the more business will go to CBIP as its Fully Auto Modipalm extracts every last drop of precious palm oil.


What about Old Town coffee? Why is it related to CBIP?

YESSS! Your sachet of Old Town coffee powder contains lots of palm oil. Read the lable. Palm oil milk is used as milk substitute!

Palm oil is also used in our tooth paste, cake shortening, ice cream, biscuit, teh tarik, nestle coffee and more than 50% of the food stuff found on our supermarket shelves.

So it is really a big part of our lives.

While  gloves have been overhyped CBIP is totally ignored. Few anaylsts write about it. So CBIP is overlooked & undervalue.

Now who is bullish on CBIP?


See how they keep up buying back undervalue CBIP Shares


Is CBIP cheap?

Let’s see

These were the profits

3.43 sen for 26th August, 2016

5.44 sen for 22nd November 2016

8.07 sen for 22nd February 2017

Ha! this fits the “Golden Rule” of one famous “investor” He said that the profit of next quarter or next year should be more than this year. And CBIP fits the “Golden Rule” perfectly.


3.43  sen to 5.44 sen is a jump of 58%

And 5.44 sen to 8.07 sen is an increase  of  48.3%

If we take the low of 3.43 sen (low of year 2016) and compared with 8.07 sen of 2017 there is a huge jump of  a Whoppping 135% in Profit!

No wonder Company is buying back Cheap Cheap CBIP Shares. Just last 3 quarters the profit already 16.94 sen

P/E is only 12.45


Fourth Quarter Result might bring down P/E to single digit?

So what are you waiting for?



Many Happy Returns

Calvin Tan



Stop Press!  Extra! Extra!

The soybean guys have always talked down about Palm Oil because of the fear of deforestation.

An oil palm tree can be as tall as 30 feet. It lives for 25 years. And it gives out lots and lots of oxygen. A soybean plant lasts for one season and gives out little oxygen because it is only a small shrub. Oil palms can grow on hill slopes while large swath of lands are levelled by bull dozer to plant soy bean.

Soy bean is harvested only once a year. Oil Palm fruits are harvested every 2 weeks. In one year there are 26 harvests of oil palm. In the 23 years of productive life cycle of a Palm Oil there are 23 x 26 = 598 times of harvest.

In 25 years soya beans are only harvested only 25  times.

So soya bean planting is less productive, use lots of good lands and only contribute little oxygen to the mother earth.

Palm Oil on the other hand is very prolific, productive & contribute vast amount of oxygen for mankind on earth.

So all the anti palm oil lobbyist should wake up!!


Malaysia should champion these Facts & Figures to make Palm Oil the No. One Vege oil in the world!

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