After Najib’s Saudi Trip: 3 Top Stocks in Focus are MRCB, MPHBCAPITAL & UEMS

January 13, 2018 By Calvin Tan Smart Investment

Dear Fellow Investors,

Pm Najib has just returned from a 5 day trip to Saudi Arabia.  USD7 Billions or Rm28 Billions will flow into Malaysia and Petronas RAPID in particular!

With fresh injection of Capital I think these 3 Stocks will be in focus next week. Next week will also be the Spore – Malaysian Leaders’ Retreat to Discuss the RTS from Wood Lands to Bkt Chagar in JB CBD & the High Speed Rail from KL to Jurong east Singapore.

And on 1st February 2018 Spore will also follow Malaysia in reducing Toll Rates for cars from S$6.50 to only S$1.00 round trip. on the Johore Causeway.


These Are The Reasons for being bullish on MRCB, MPHBCAPITAL & UEMS


1) MRCB – EDL Toll Compensation to be out soon. The Scrapping of EDL Toll might bring a windfall of Rm2.75 Billions for UEMS (cancellation of sukuk debt & Cash compensation for years of loss revenue for EDL Toll)

This will pare down MRCB’s borrowings & reduce gearing. And with sale of Bkt Jalil lands to EPF for Rm1.14 Billions, Cash from R! Rm2.9 Billions, Rm165 millions for PDP of Kwasa Damansara, Rm100 millions from Setapak land sales to THB  plus upcoming sale of Menara Celcom (RM640 millions), sale of Ascott Hotel (Rm180 millions)

MRCB will turn into a NET CASH COMPANY

MRCB has also teamed up with Gamuda to bid for the PDP Job of High Speed RailImage result for high speed train picture




Then the Mother of All Job Awards will come – “BANDAR MALAYSIA’s Rm160 Billions’ PDP Job Award!! In natural progress All the mapping groundworks for HSR are up. Then PDP for HSR. After that PDP for “BANDAR MALAYSIA!”

All these are powerful boosters for MRCB in coming days, weeks & months until Election GE14 Polling Day. Expected to be at less 4 or 5  months away by late May or June 2018. SO 5 MORE MONTHS OF POWERFUL UPSIDE FOR MRCB!!!

(pls don’t ask Calvin why Polling Day should delay until June 2018, ok?)



With Extra CASH INFUSION OF RM28 BILLIONS INTO PENGERANG’S RAPID. AND PETRONAS’ NEW EMPHASIS INTO DOWNSTREAM NON OIL (Plastic resin , Industrial chemicals, Pharmaseutical, Fertilizers and a million types of end products) the prime lands (grossly undervalue: 82 Sen Psf) of MPHBCAP will be hot assets. And the focus will turn Mphbcap into a hot stock!

Image result for pengerang rapid picture


So MPHBCAP is really THE BEST KEPT SECRET OF THE O&G Bull Run Stocks yet under researched & undiscovered by Analysts. So very safe to buy while Mr Market still unaware.


Another booster is the scrapping of EDL Toll & Spore Toll Reduction. This will boost Land Value in Johor & Booming Iskandar.

Savings of Rm600 to Rm900 means more purchasing power for the happy people of Johor – commuting to work in Singapore and back daily.


3) UEMS (Signing of HSR & others)

3 Boosters for UEMS

i) High Speed Rail Stops in its very Heart of Gerbang Nusajaya before proceeding to Jurong East, Singapore. In Japan – lands near Shinkasen Railway Station automatically go up 46% when HSR Train Station is up in Japan.

ii) RTS – MRT from Woodlands to Bkt Chagar to be signed soon. 


iii) Scrapping of EDL Toll. This will immediately save Rm600 to Rm900 for Johoreans commuting to Singapore for work  and back daily. This Huge Saving will add to the purchasing power of happy Johoreans. Thus boosting both sale & rental prices of Johor Real Estates like UEMS.


Related image


So there you go!


MRCB as Top GE14 Stock

MPHBCAP as Top O&G Stock

UEMS as TOP Iskandar’s Property Stock.


Best regards & Kong Hei Fatt Choy!!


Calvin Tan

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