Dear Friends/Fellow Investors,

So far so good,

Most stocks are up like MRCB, MPHBCAP, UEMS & others.

As for Bj Corp? TSVT is taking a break for his daughter’s wedding. Mui Bhd guarantee to give a Cash Payout just like Pm Corp did. See

[PMCORP] Others on 29-Apr-2016

Announcement Date 29-Apr-2016

Financial Year 30-Jun-2016
Subject Others
Type Capital Distribution
Description Capital distribution of RM0.08 for each ordinary share held in Pan Malaysia Corporation Berhad (“PMCB”) on the entitlement date (“Capital Distribution”)
Amount RM 0.0800
Ex Date 12-May-2016
Entitlement Date 16-May-2016
Payment Date 26-May-2016


So just add more Bj Corp & Mui Bhd on weakness. Hold tight.

And these Stocks are expected to do well

  1. MRCB

Govt has lined up many powerful boosters for MRCB just as it did for DRB-Hicom last year. DRB shot up from 92 sen to a new high over Rm2.40 this year. MRCB remains a laggard at Rm1.26 as of now. Calvin expects it to reach Rm1.80 this year.



A Proxy to O&G rebound. MPHBCAP Has 1,800 Lands just next door to Pengerang’s RAPID. With land holding costs a mere 82 sen MPHBCAP is expected to go up much more than other O&G stocks as its base is extremely low. If Henguan can go up from Rm2.00 to almost Rm20.00 MPHBCAP can also go up from Rm1.38 to Rm10.00. Of course it might not go up in a straight line. But just buy on any pull back ow weakness.



This laggard stock should see better days as HSR Station is located at ITS VERY CENTER in Gerbang Nusajaya. With land holding costs book valued at only Rm5.80 psf anything UEMS build will sell for outstanding profits. Even sale of raw lands to CView and Kimlun reared Huge Profits. And with scrapping of EDL Toll people of Johor will have added purchasing power to buy UEMS houses (Thank goodness, UEMS has no more highrise. Only Industrial lands in SILC, landed houses, Malls of Medini 2 to 5, Luxury Zone in Puteri Harbour) And highly sought after lands in Horizon Hills, Nusa Idaman & Gerbang Nusajaya

One more booster is UEMS lands are near TUAS which is building Singapore Megaport. The MRT Station outside Raffles Marina (Spore) projected to have 100,000 passengers a day. Plus Jurong East is the Upcoming 2nd Orchard Road.

All these and more points to bull run time for UEMS as well.


4) MJ PERAK should see very days as its 200 acres industrial/commercial landbanks are located just adjacent PROTON CITY. Geely is bring out its BOYUE SUV to complement Proton’s range of vehicles. Next will come Volvo. So expect more Vendors to invest in Tg Malim to meet Parts demand.

And in Budget 2018 Govt has allotted Rm400 Millions for Youth City & Proton City expansion in Tg Malim. When MJ Perak disposes more assets to unlock Cash — expect Huge Windfall dividends!



Bpuri will be launching its New Housing Projects in Nusa Damai this year. Plus its JV with China Co for Pahang Waterfront (ECER) project over Rm10 Billions should spur profits. Its Power Plant in Indonesia is already profitable. Above all its Lattar Highway should see improvement in traffic due to Pangkor Islands declared Duty Free Island on its west & on its East is the increasing economic activity in Tg Malim.

And any disposal of its hidden assets (like Jaks disposal its Malls) should unlock lots of hidden Cash. After Insiders have accumulated enough BPuri shares its turn to jump like Jaks from 40 Sen to Rm1.60 might follow. Don’t be surprised if BPuri should also cross pass Rm1.00



This is an oversold stock! Stanley of Supermax was sold down due to his being charged for Insider trading. Mokzani sold down Sapura Kencana, CHHB Lee Kim Yew (Dr M crony) was slapped with huge tax. So the fear caused a sell down on OPCOM

Another fear was the entry of Broadnex. No need to fear as OPCOM is already solidified with TM hand in hand for HSSB last mile access. TNB has only little fiber for its own data storage limited to its Grid (Fiber being glass & rubber are insulation from lightning or electrical leakage, unlike copper wires)

No worry at all. 2 Directors including Choah Kwang Hua is buying. News said Datuk Mukhriz is selling. Don’t you believe it. Mukhriz only sold few lots to keep price low as he has bought Off Market at 5 million shares of OPCOM recently. This is overlooked by the Media.

As OPCOM’s Value was sold down by undue fear (Warren Buffet said be greedy when others are fearful) Calvin & buddies bought even more

At 14 Sen Nex Cash Opcom giving 2 Sen yearly Divvy can yield more than 5%. And the Rm1 Billions Broadband expansion for East Malaysia should benefit Opcom


Selling at far below NET CASH After Asset Disposal. Also far below its NTA.