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Dear Investors/Traders  (PLEASE READ TILL THE VERY END AS I TYPE) NETX Has been a totally sold down & bombed out stock now at 1 sen only After doing a deeper investigation Calvin Tan Research thinks NETX has a 70% FIGHTING CHANCE OF DOING WELL IN YEAR 2020 BECAUSE OF THE NEW FOUND THRUST OF […]

3  GOOD  STOCKS WITH GREAT POTENTIAL SCOMIES (7045) Price 12 sen. …………….Target price 30 sen Reasons for buying.  Scomies Drilling Oil contract with Kuwait Rm610 Millions. 2 JV with PetChem. Very undervalue assets. Its drilling oil made from parm kernel oil is biodegradable and can be discharged into oceans safely.  Captured 10% of world wide […]

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