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These are the reasons in summary: 1. Selling at 56% discount to NTA. It meets the Margin of Safety criteria. Ben Graham rule met. 2. 3 Directors/ Insiders bought from 8.5 sen to 11 sen. Warren Buffet likes Insiders buying Company shares with own monies. Not Sbb. 3. Talam has pared down debts from Rm1.5 Billions to only […]

Hi guys, TALAMT Is An Undervalue Stock Going Through Transformation with Powerful New Catalysts These are some salient Factors for TalamT   1) At 4 sen with NTA of 9 sen TalamT is selling at 56% Discount to NTA. There is huge margin of safety Sifu Ben Graham only as for 30% discount to NTA […]

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