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Hi guys,   The Malay word for “MAJU” means advanced progressive get ahead developed   So MAJU PERAK means The Progressive, Advanced, Developed State That Gets Ahead.   YESSS! ┬áMAJU PERAK or MAJULAH PERAK!!   These are the Top Reasons Why MAJU PERAK whose time has finally come!   1) PROTON WILL OFFICIALLY SIGN JV […]

Hi guys,   I have been thinking of these stocks 1) Prestar – King of Guardrails. Call to buy at 46 sen. Now up 200% 2) Jaks at 40 sen. Now up 300% 3) Masteel – Master of Long Steel (up 100%) 4) Nylex (Up 100%) 5) Kimlun the Golden Dragon (Up 100%) 6) RceCap […]

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