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MRCB Versus DRB (Part 2) By Calvin Tan Research Author: calvintaneng   |   Publish date: Wed, 26 Oct 2016, 11:01 PM Hi Guys,   Today MRCB up one sen to Rm1.40 while DRBHICOM is down 2 sen to Rm1.40. Now both stocks are on equal footing at Rm1.40 So let the race begin: Why is Calvin […]

Dear Fellow Investors, When Pm Najib gave the Budget Speech on Saturday I was in Singapore. Today, I managed to secure a printed copy of the BUDGET SPEECH 2017. And I discovered these 2 Stocks to be the Top 2 Beneficiaries.   Presenting DRB Versus MRCB – The 2 Contesting Reservoirs of Wealth. Which will […]

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